Modes of Exercise to Incorporate Weekly


simply lends to the calorie-burn you need + works on building up your endurance for better HIIT workouts.

·      Examples: 45+ minutes of spin class, steady paced runs, run/walk combination workouts, elliptical at a higher resistance, treadmill incline walks, stairs, and swimming


It’s all about the fat-burning! I focus on doing workouts that are efficient and effective, so you get the maximum benefits from it without spending your whole day in the gym. A 10-minute interval workout can burn more calories than a 30-minute run on the treadmill and won’t breakdown  your hard-earned lean muscle mass. Oftentimes, long cardio can damage your muscle-building efforts, but HIIT does not and it keeps you burning fat all day long. In fact, you burn fat for 24 hours after your workout with intervals! The added  benefit about intervals is you can always do an equipment-free workout. I try to make all of the workouts simple enough, but results-driven and gives you at-home versions enough so you can repeat those if you do not belong to a gym.

I have ample HIIT workouts laid out for you, but you can also pick 5-6 of your favorite moves, do them each for 60-90 seconds, and repeat the workout as a whole 5-6 times and have a 30-minute HIIT workout all set to sweat!

·      Intervals on machines can also be great for intervals. A cheat sheet on those is: (sprints/hard : recovery)

o   30 sec : 60 sec

o   60 sec : 30 sec

o   90 sec : 90 sec

o   60 sec : 120 sec

o   60 sec : 60 sec


building lean muscle mass is important to not only drop weight, but lean up your look, to encourage your body to naturally burn more calories per day, + to protect yourself in the future. We drop muscle mass with every year we age and it is harder to get back, so keep up the strength + you will have less to worry about later. You will not bulk up- we promise. The number on the scale is not the main point and has little to do with your true health and actual size. I could be 20 pounds heavier than the woman next to me who wears the same size dress.

·      I have guided videos on the member site to get you through lower, upper, and full body workouts galore. A recommended workout schedule is below so you can see the frequency and duration.


getting to 20k + steps per day is an ideal way to let your body know you mean business. We love wearing a fitness band that can keep us aware of our progress and push us to exceed our own expectations. Let’s move more together! 


Ideally, HIIT workouts are done before eating in the morning. It’s called fasted cardio. This pushes your body to use your fat stores as fuel for a workout rather than the food you eat since it has long since been digested. This is an amazing way to enhance fat-burning.

Mondays: longer cardio + abs

Tuesdays: HIIT + weights (lower body)

Wednesdays: longer cardio + abs

Thursdays: HIIT + weights (upper body)

Fridays: longer cardio + abs

Saturdays: HIIT + weights (full body)

Sundays: rest/yoga